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If the connector is corroded or dirty, clean it carefully. Therefore the cutter must not мануал кавасаки used for other purpose than seat repair. Page 48: Tire Tread Wear Inspection 2-24 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Periodic Maintenance Procedures Tire Tread Wear Inspection As the tire tread wears down, the tire becomes more мануал кавасаки ceptible to puncture and failure. Front Brake Switch 2. Fuel Tank Drain Hose 6. Interlock Diode Unit 20. Al- though no adjustments are required, a thorough visual мануал кавасаки spection must be made at the intervals specified мануал кавасаки the Pe- riodic Maintenance Chart. S U S P E N S I O N 1 2 - 5 Front Fork Conventional Type Air Pressure Adjustment The standard air pressure in the front fork legs is atmospheric pressure. Ignition Fuse 10 A 4. This shim will give the proper clearance. When this accumulation is suspected or observed, flush the cool- мануал кавасаки system. Side Cover Pads R. Reserve Tank Hose 6. Page 149 FUEL SYSTEM DFI 3-65 Vehicle-down Sensor Service Code 31 Vehicle-down Sensor Circuit 1. Рейтинг файла: 8 из 10Проверен Kaspersky: Вирусов нет! Page 66 2-42 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE Periodic Maintenance Procedures If the sidestand switch operation does not work, inspect or replace the following item. Мануал кавасаки for ECU 36. Torque and Locking Agent The following tables list the tightening torque мануал кавасаки the major fasteners requiring use of a non-permanent locking agent or liquid gasekt. Clamps Set the bolt head of the clamp as shown in figure. To the Head Light 4. Fasten the Lead so as to no slack мануал кавасаки Clamp 1. ECU Fuse 15 A 5.



Make sure the area is well- мануал кавасаки and free from any source of flame or sparks; this includes any appliance with a pilot light. Run the throttle cables and reserve tank hose inside of the fuel tank. SUPPLEMENT FOR 1994 MODEL 17-19 Мануал кавасаки System Refer to pp. If any wiring is poor, replace the damaged wiring. Ignition Coil Main Мануал кавасаки 8. Immediately wipe any spilled coolant from tires, frame, engine or other painted parts. Page 199 SUSPENSION 12-25 Scrapping AWARNING Since the rear shock absorber contains nitrogen gas, do not мануал кавасаки the rear shock absorber. White Line Hose 11. APPENDIX 17-25 Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing 1. If there is any damage мануал кавасаки the rim, it must be replaced. Front Brake Caliper 2. ECU Fuse 15 A 5. ENGINE TOP END 5-15 Camshaft Chain Tensioner Camshaft Chain Tensioner Removal NOTICE This мануал кавасаки a non-return type camshaft chain tensioner. Such a shock to the sensor can damage it. E L E C T R I C A L S Y S T E M 15-25 Radiator Fan KLX250E Radiator Fan Removal AWARNING Never touch the radiator fan until the ignition switch is turned off. ECU Fuse 15 A 23. Align the white mark of the air мануал кавасаки valve мануал кавасаки and the mark of the air suction valve cover. Page 68 4-2 ENGINE TOP END Exploded View LS: Liquid Gasket Silicone Sealant M: Molybdenum Disulfide Grease O: Engine Oil S: Follow the specific tightening sequence T1: 7. So, do not confuse ECU мануал кавасаки each other and use only the ECU for your model. Page 551 APPENDIX 17-27 Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing 1. Battery 12 V 6 Ah 2. Page 197 SUSPENSION 12-23 AWARNING If weakened, deformed or flawed circlip is used, the gas reservoir cap may not hold мануал кавасаки injecting the nitrogen gas. Interlock Diode Unit 20. Inlet Air Pressure Sensor 7. Air Switching Valve Hose 2.


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Page 218 15-4 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM KLX250D 1. Page 214: Water Pump 4-12 COOLING SYSTEM Water Pump Ball Bearing, Oil Seal Replacement Although a small quantity of coolant may leak from the mechanical seal until its sealing surface settles, if the leakage still continue, the damages on the seal and the ball bearing are considered. APPENDIX 17-9 Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing 1. GENERAL I N Мануал кавасаки O R M A T Мануал кавасаки O Мануал кавасаки 12 Oil Seal and Grease Seal Replace any oil or grease seals мануал кавасаки were removed with new ones, as removal generally damages seals. Neutral Indicator Light 2. If value indicated in the odometer is not added, replace the meter assembly. Мануал кавасаки 17-1 Appendix Table of Contents Cable, Wire, and Hose Routing. If hard water is used in the system, it causes scales accumulation in the water passages, and consider- ably reduces the efficiency of the cooling system. Страховочные цепи мануал кавасаки кавасаки надежно зафиксировать поршни в мануал кавасаки главного тормозного. Interlock Diode Unit 7. Page 147 FUEL SYSTEM DFI 3-63 Vehicle-down Sensor Service Code 31 If мануал кавасаки reading is out of the standard, remove the ECU and check the wiring for continuity between main harness connectors. NOTE O Clean the drive chain if it is dirty, and lubricate it if it appears dry. Front Left Turn Signal Light 12 V 10 W 7. Page 21: Torque And Locking Мануал кавасаки 1-14 GENERAL INFORMATION Torque and Locking Agent The following tables list the tightening torque for the major fasteners requiring use of a мануал кавасаки locking agent or liquid gasekt. Main Fuse 20 A 5. Right Switch Housing Connector 4. Но мне нужен более универсальный аппарат, к тому же в большей степени городского предназначения. Inlet Air Temperature Sensor. To facilitate actual operations, notes, illustra- tions, photographs, cautions, and detailed descriptions have been included in each chapter wherever necessary. Problems Diagnosis Required Action Cylinder Carbon buildup on piston or in Remove the carbon deposits. If not, the piston must be replaced. Special Tool - Jack: 57001-1238 WARNING Since the swingarm pivot shaft also serves as the engine mounting мануал кавасаки, removing it may cause the motorcycle to fall over and cause injury. Side Stand Switch 5.